Take the guess work out of targeting customers. Use your existing customer list and the power of Machine Learning for high precision targeting.

Target Your Customers

Don't rely on a generic mailing list to target your potential customers. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can predict who your best prospects are.

Quality Consumer Data

Our database of over 210 consumers and thousands of behavioral attributes is validated against multiple sources and is constantly refreshed with the latest information.

Superior Return on Your Investment

Our competitive pricing and far superior targeting ability result in a fantastic return on your investment.

Identify Neighborhoods and Behaviors

Our Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence target your new customers based on hundreds of location and behavioral attributes. And more than just a list of consumers within a ZIP code, we identify the specific neighborhoods that are ideal for your business.

Competitive Pricing

For the same price you would pay for a generic mailing list, we give you your customized targeted list, complete with name, address, phone number and email. We can also provide demographic data as well.

The Simple Process to Creating Customized & Highly Targeted Mailing Lists

  • Upload a list of your current customers to our secure site. If you like, only upload a segment of your best or most profitable customers.
  • Our proprietey Identity Resolution algorithms go to work matching your existing customers to our extensive consumer behavior database.
  • Next, our Machine Learning algorithms go to work finding the hidden patterns in your customer data, identifying their key attributes.
  • And finally, we look for those same patterns in potential new customers and generate your ideal, targeted marketing list.

Create your targeted marketing list with no obligation to buy and no credit card required.

Create Your Targeted Mailing List

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