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Consumer Identification & Integration

Our years of experience and Data Science approach has taught as a great deal about how to properly cleanse, identify and match customer data. Let us put our experience to work helping your organization integrate your customers into a single, 360 view.

Marketing Database Design

We have built numerous high performance marketing databases, from NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB to relational databases such as SQL Server and Oracle, we know what it takes to create a robust marketing database.

Reporting & Visualization

A key element to any marketing infrastructure is the ability to get quality insights from reporting. Our expertise is not limited to our mastery of the tools, such as Business Objects and Tableau, but includes a knack for understanding exactly what information is important to marketing, and presenting it in an easy to understand manner.

Data Science and Analytics

We understand that marketing success goes beyond theories and hunches. Our team of Data Scientists and Statisticians get at the heart of what makes for a successful marketing campaign.

Data Migration and ETL

One of the most difficult but often over-looked aspects of building a marketing database is ETL (Extract, Transform & Load). We have expertise in all of the major ETL tools. And, we know how to use them in a marketing environment.

Infrastructure and Cloud Services

Cloud services are rapidly changing how we go about implementing marketing solutions. At Matchbox.io, we fully embrace the cloud. Save time, save money and create a highly scalable marketing platform using our cloud services.

To learn more about our full-range of marketing consulting service, please contact us.

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