The Data Science of Consumer Identification

Knowing exactly who your costumers are is an important piece to any marketing program. At Matchbox, we have built a world-class, scalable Consumer Identification Platform to enable you to accurately identify your customers in real-time. A combination of the latest in Big Data technology and Machine Learning algorithms makes for a superior approach to managing your marketing initiatives.

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Identity Verification

Verify individuals against our database of US consumers. With over 210 million records and the latest in machine learning, you will be able to validate the identity of virtually anyone in the US.

Lead Validation

Identify quality leads in batch or in real-time. Integration with our Data Partners will tell you when a lead is worthwhile. And since it is also a web API, you can seamlessly integrate Lead Validation into your existing web presence and other applications.

Duplication Detection

Remove duplicate records from your existing CRM and clean up your marketing database. The consumer identification API utilizes the power of Data Science, Natural Language Algorithms and Machine Learning to find duplicate consumers within your data, detecting misspelled names, values in the wrong fields and missing data elements.

Consumer Data Append & Data Matching Services

Integrate with one of one of our Data Partners and append consumer profile information for greater insight. At, we have a reach database of consumer information and several data partners to enrich your database. And since it is all part of our API, it can all be integrated with your ongoing marketing efforts in real-time.

Multi-Channel Marketing Entity Resolution

Integrate all marketing channels with a single API call, from Direct Mail to Email & Social. Our Consumer API handles physical addresses, email addresses, cookies and pixels, allowing you to integrate your consumers across all marketing channels.

Custom APIs

No one solution matches everyone's needs, that's why we offer a fully customizable API. We will build your solution to match your marketing initiatives, backed by our world-class infrastructure, data assetts and Big Data capabilities, better than any other identity resolution software.

Consumer Data Integration

Identity Resolution & Data Matching Options

  • Name and Address Match
  • Email Match
  • Location and Proximity Matching
  • Name Match - Direct
  • Name Match - Probability
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithms
  • Household Match
  • Address Match
  • Customer Identifier Match
  • Custom Identity Algorithms

Consumer Data Append & Enrichment Options

  • Consumer Name, Age & Occupation
  • Contact Information, including Address, Phone & Email
  • Location, such as County & Legislative District
  • Lifestyle and Interests, such as Boating & Camping
  • Census Demographics
  • Presence of Children & Age
  • Nationality, Language, Race & Ethnicity
  • Credit & Purchasing Behavior
  • Change of Address & New Movers
  • Demographic Segmentation
  • Donor & Contribution Information
  • Home Value, Wealth, Investing & Income
  • Voter & Election Participation
  • Property Information, including Sales and Size
  • Custom Customer Segmentation

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