The Advantages of Data Appends

We pride ourselves on having superior technology and data capabilities. This means you can rely on our data append service to deliver the results you need. From superior Identity Resolution, to the best data quality, we deliver.

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Demographic Appends

Append demographic information from our rich set of marketing data. With over 210 consumers and more than 700 different attributes, our append services can enrich you data for better analytics and customer segmentation.

Email Appends

A superior Identity Resolution process allows us to append more email addresses to more of your records, even when you only have partial information.

Wealth & Income

Wealth and income variables including income, home value & education.

Real Estate

Includes home owners and renters, home value and mortgage providers.

Credit Information

Including card holders, premium cards and credit scores.

Census Data

All standard census variables, including race and ethnicity.

Voter Data

Party affiliation & election participation, including primary and general elections.


Donations to political campaigns and causes as recorded by the FEC.

Household Information

Household information, including number of children, gender, age and ethnicity.

Lifestyle Attributes

Interests including various sports and hobbies, such as skiing, golf or gun enthusiasts.

Pre Mover Data

Target customers and prospects that are about to move.

Social Media