Marketing Data Science & Analytics

Data Science and Marketing Analytics

Data, particularly Big Data, is only useful if it can be harnessed into actionable insights. Our team of Data Scientists and Statisticians get at the heart of what makes for a successful marketing campaign. By utilizing advanced machine learning techniques, we help clients quickly analyze their marketing programs to understand what works and what doesn’t. We give clients a deeper understanding of their customers and prospects – what products and offers they are interested in, which messaging channels are most effective, when and how often to communicate – allowing clients to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

Predictive Modeling

We firmly believe in data-driven marketing strategies. Our predictive modeling services transform clients’ past experiences into actionable information, allowing them to identify prospects most likely to buy new products or customers to profitably up-sell or cross-sell. Our models also help clients reduce churn and attrition rates by identifying customers who are likely to cancel, payoff or are shopping competitors. We have helped clients reduce the losses in their portfolio by building risk models that identify prospects and accounts likely to go bad, even before they buy. Our predictive modeling experience spans numerous industries including financial services, insurance, healthcare, utilities, non-profits and more.

Lifetime Value

In many ways the “holy grail” of marketing, lifetime value brings together all the various metrics into a single important measure directly correlated with ROI. How valuable is your customer or prospect, and what marketing activities affect this outcome? LTV combines your acquisition campaigns with your cross-sell, up-sell, and retention activities. LTV can only be measured if you are able to obtain a holistic view of your customer – taking into account the proper results attribution across various marketing channels. Our experience in quantifying lifetime value measures and then developing models around the measure allow clients to fully manage their marketing spends to optimize their marketing ROI.

Customer Segmentation

Understanding your customers is one thing. Being able to use this knowledge to affect your marketing strategy is another. We analyze your customers to recognize actionable patterns and distinctions that allow you to tailor your messaging to each customer, connecting with them at a level that best meets their needs and wants.

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