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Marketing Data Science

Identity Resolution utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to accurately match, link de-duplicate and append customer data. Even in cases where no direct link can be found, our probabalistic matching solution can integrate your consumer data.

Marketing Data

We have a rich database of consumer information, from wealth and income to lifestyles and political party affilations. Match it to your existing customer file or purchase a marketing list.

Data Append Services

Combine our Identity Resolution processes and our rich database of consumer information and you get our data append services. Let us enrich your customer database.

Customer Data Platform

We have combined all of our services into one convenient Customer Data Platform. Run Apache Spark, R and Python languages on top of our scalable infrastructure.

Machine Learning & Analytics

Our team of Data Scientists will build custom predictive models for you using the latest in Data Science and Machine Learning.


We can assist you with practically any marketing technology problems, from Identity Resolution & Data Science to Campaign Exection.

240M Consumers

120M Households

17M Businesses

What Sets Us Apart


We Listen

Although we are a technology company, we don't believe our core competency is technology at all. The power of listening is our most important asset. There is no technical solution for poor communication, so we start with listening and understanding your marketing needs.


We Are a Team of Experts

Our team is made up of experts who have spent their careers in Data Marketing. It's safe to say that there isn't a marketing technology problem that we haven't encountered.


We Are Marketing Innovators

We have a passion for technology. But technology is ever changing and so to are our skills. We pride ourselves in not only staying on top of this ever-changing landscape, but also knowing when to apply the newest technologies, or simply stick with what has worked in the past.

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